Promoting your results –
Fulfil your obligations and boost your visibility

Passing research results on to the scientific community is a central interest of public sponsors. On the one hand, dissemination is a contractual duty and, on the other, project marketing helps to obtain continued funding. In doing so, it is not only important to comply with the sponsors’ provisions on IPR, but also to elaborate strategies and measures to present the contents appropriately for the target group.

Here, concentris is a dynamic partner who makes projects visible to the scientific community with enthusiasm and experience. We master any communication channel – be it a simple project flyer, social media or video production and press conferences. In close consultation with you, our in-house science journalist makes sure your news and research results are being presented accurately and yet easily understood by the target audience.

Our dissemination and project marketing services in detail:

Website and corporate identity for your project

Project logo, website, presentation slides, posters, roll-ups, flyers

Project videos

Explain your project or important aspects of it in a video clip. We make the concept, film the speakers, cut, animate and produce the video for you.

Developing a dissemination strategy

Selection of appropriate media and tools, targeted approach of sponsors and multipliers, etc.

Public relations

Articles, electronic newsletters, press releases, advertisements, bulk mailings, etc.

International conferences and satellite symposia

Organisation of conferences with a focus on your project’s thematic area, project workshops as satellite symposia

See also conference services

Your benefits from concentris

  • One plus factor of the proposal: You show that you have thought of dissemination activities and that the necessary expertise and resources are available in the project.
  • Higher visibility: concentris organises the stage for your presentation in order to make your vision and results more visible to the research community.
  • Scientific reputation: You present your research results at your own conference or chair your own symposium. You decide when, where and with whom you appear in public.
  • Relief: Dissemination and project marketing are obligations from the contract with the sponsors. We take over the bulk of this work so that you have more time for research.

Examples of our websites & different video designs:


What our clients say
"Hi Nina, The website looks really great! Overall I have to say, I have never seen an international project that was managed so well in all aspects."
"Thank you for making the changes to the website so quickly!"
"Many thanks. The [video] editing is superb... I am delighted!"
"Dear Sara and Nina, This is really a very nice website. Congratulations and thank you very much for the effort and for the excellent result! ...We now have a really great showcase!"

"Hi Nina, Just watched the MATRICS video that you produced! Wow, wow, wow … you did a fabulous job. Looks great!"