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Regardless of whether it is a project proposal with 20 participants or reporting to the EU is involved: Both need planning and co-ordination in order to eventually lead to success. With creativity and dedication, we also carry out conferences, project meetings, training and workshops. Process organisation is one of our great strengths.

Project managers

concentris is a small, alert and friendly team of project managers with longstanding experience in the management of research projects. We are well-versed in the Horizon2020 Framework Programme of the EU and in IMI projects and we draw on our contacts to the EU and other information platforms in order to drive research projects to success.

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Teaming people, moderating international groups, bringing about decisions: To effect real results, we prefer to communicate in person. It is not always easy to strike the right note when motivating people for collaboration. This is exactly what we understand as being one of our central tasks.

And first and foremost: 13  Service providers

Project management means provision of services. Our services help to get your project idea rolling. Our consistently high performance contributes to keeping it going. You are the steersman, we are the ‘engine’ of your project. You direct, we walk to the end of the path with you.

The faces behind concentris.

What our clients say
I suppose you already know that you are a star. But I need you to hear it from me. I wouldn't have been able to do this without you. […] gave me a hard time in this bid, but he made a wonderful recommendation in concentris.
You have done an absolutely brilliant job!
Without your help and efforts we would never have reached the goal as we did.

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